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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Final Project

I have been living in New York City for almost seven years and I still impress by how New Yorkers celebrate the Christmas spirit and the festivities at the end of each year. People from all over the world visit massively “The Big Apple” every year but many of them come to enjoy the winter holiday season. This time of the year is very peaceful and people get together as family to celebrate, say bye to the current year and welcome the next one. Christmas is one of the people’s favorite holidays and more in NYC because of the spirit of unity and solidarity.

I personally enjoy a lot this time of the year. New York City is always in the first row when we talk about decorating and making the people feel and live at the maximum these festivities. The subject for my final project is “Christmas in NYC”. I chose this subject because I want it to be current or something that is happening now. I think that this week with thanksgiving, the Christmas festivities are on and I like to capture that for my final project.

I want to capture the colors of Christmas, red and green. Also the decoration and ornaments appropriate for this holiday. I am planning to capture the icons that we see every year for these festivities, such as: The Christmas tree, Santa Claus and others. The time of the day will be more at night than during the day, if there is some snow is even better because that is also part of Christmas. I am planning to shoot more outside than inside, but I will consider both. I am planning to go to famous places of New York City to capture the spirit of Christmas. I do not have specific places to shoot. I going to move around the city and look for this scenarios. I am also considering going New Jersey and shoot in the suburbs. From open places to windows and indoor, I want to capture why this time of the year is so welcome and the expression of the people enjoying these festivities.

I will use different angles for this photos, I do not want to stick to just one angle. I want to make it interesting and at the same time show the purpose of the subject. I want the viewers to see how Christmas is in New York City.


Blogger Robin said...

This should be fun. You should start by walking around in midtown. I agree that you will get more interesting results at night but to do this you will need a tripod. The late afternoon which at this time of year is early maybe around 4 might be a good compromise. Another approach would be to photograph Christmas decorations in your neighborhood or a neighborhood as this is a very different experience than the huge corporate displays in Manhattan.

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