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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Berenice Abbott

Berenice Abbott
Grand Opera House; Northwest corner, West 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue. Sept. 3, 1937. ID: 482564


This photo is a view of west 23rd street and Eight avenue in 1937. Immediately I see the difference of the cars compare to today's cars. It is amazing how those cars cost millions of dollars now and you only can see them in car shows but is good to see that today they have some in good condition to learn and see how its structure was like. I also see how people dress at that time. It looks like the suit was a regular clothing. Also, there are a lot of signs, typical of New York City, even though in the 1930's there were not the billboards and TV screens we have today but that is the process of evolution and modernization. Because of photography, we can go back and learn about the history of this beautiful city.


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